FRONTYARD PROJECTS Local, future-focused arts
VISIT 228 Illawarra Rd, Marrickville NSW 2204
CONTACT info[at]frontyardprojects.org

Frontyard is open for events and by appointment, or every second Thursday from 4.30 - 6.30pm for a regular open house event.

A Not-Only-Artist Run Initiative. A pro-active, flexible space for practical skills-sharing, community cultural engagement and critical research, with arts at its heart. Our aim is to challenge, facilitate and nurture collaborations between people with a passion for culture and to build a more resilient and sustainable independent arts community for the future.

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August Donors @ Frontyard:

($65) Internets brought to you by Runway.org.au
($40) Rent brought to you by Gilbert Grace
($100) Lights brought to you by Laura Fisher
($50) Water brought to you by Runway.org.au
($50) Fresh food for residents brought to you by Runway.org.au
($40) Workshop supplies brought to you by Runway.org.au
($30) Cuppas brought to you by Julia Bavyka + Melissa Ratliff
($200) Winter heaters brought to you by the kind donation of Sally, Uri and Dani

If you want to make a donation the Frontyard banking details are:
BSB 032067 / account # 577740
and email us what you would like to “cover us” for.


Frontyard is currently supported by a rental subsidy from Inner West Council (aka Marrickville Council).