Getaroom @ Frontyard

You have a provocation to explore. A project to begin. A local problem to solve. A team of pro-active people to assemble. We have the space and a network of people to connect you with.

Frontyard is a space for research, imagining, problem-solving, doing & not doing, meeting, talking, and making time. There are 2 short-term (1-2 weeks) residency spaces for artists and non-artists, and an open door policy for hosting people in our workshop, garden and library if your project needs a place to grow after your residency ends.

In return for the space and time to think, Frontyard asks for a small gift of time from each resident. That could mean participating as a provocateur in a futuring session, giving a public talk, sharing skills via a workshop, symposium, film night, performance, or something else you think is important for the community.

Practical Stuff:

All current and past residents:

For more in depth stories from previous residents see our Flickr.

An index:

Jo Kinniburgh * Chris Carmody * Connie Anthes and Ian Milliss * a.j. carruthers * The Accountability Institute * Stephanie Cobon & Will Scott-Kemmis * Julia Bavyka * Sophea Lerner * Patricia Wood * Dani Zorbas * Nuno Rodrigues de Sousa & Isabel Brison * Polisplan * Bek Conroy & James Brown * Kirsten Seale * Non-Cash Assets Platform Research * Julian Day * Jacquelene Drinkall * Tom Lee (TheAustralianUgliness) * Eddie Hopely & Sam Moginie * OpenAustralia Foundation (OAF) * Mia Ardianto * Favour Economy (Claire Field, Alex Pedley, Bronwyn Treacy) * Mapping Edges (Jacqueline Kasunic, Ilaria Vanni, Alexandra Crosby) * Beth Caird & Aodhan Madden * Sasha Abram * Gilbert Grace

Jo Kinniburgh:
Getaroom B, 12 – 26 September 2016

Jo is an architect working with spatial dramaturgy of live music performance. She is creating an installation for a November tour.

Chris Carmody:
Library + Getaroom A, 12 – 26 September 2016

Chris will be conducting a faded book audit of the frontyard library.

Connie Anthes and Ian Milliss:
Getaroom B, 30 August – 4 September 2016

Connie and Ian will be working on a speculative zine project looking at radical re-purposing strategies for cookie-cutter apartment blocks. In the same way that post-industrial spaces were gentrified in standard ways to become restaurants, warehouse lofts, and retail spaces in the nineties and noughties, Anthes and Milliss will be ‘reverse-purposing’ boring residential developments to prepare for the inevitable glut of poorly built, unimaginative living spaces. This project will take the form of a series of speculative conversations between physical Connie and digital Ian alongside the production of a Survival Guide for a future-useful Sydney.

a.j. carruthers:
Getaroom A, 29 August – 11 September 2016

a.j. carruthers writes:

Why Am I So Contemporary?

During this residency, I will ponder the question: Why am I so contemporary? What distinguishes me from the moderns? Why, when the stakes were so low, did I invest in innovation, in poetry, an art form that can be described as having low market value but high cultural worth? In thinking through these questions between my birthday (Aug 29) and Sept 11, I will consult the rich resources in the room, examine my surroundings. What makes stale fresh? What turns “new goose” into “neoteric anseriformes”? I’m only twenty-nine years old, and I’ve already reached utopia in my work. If I can do it, anybody can.

The Accountability Institute:
Getaroom B, 15 – 25 August 2016

Nick and Thomas are co-Founders of The Accountability Institute

The Accountability Institute Aims to foster collaborations between art, science, technology, and economics, bringing these fields into conversation to create a new language - a language of accountability.

The Accountability Institute Aims to provide an online space transforming our experience through education, research and transdisciplinary collaboration – to create intersectional perspectives.

Associate Professor Nick McGuigan (Monash University) and Thomas Kern (Macquarie University) joined forces in 2015 to establish ‘The Accountability Institute’ - a thought tank for the futuring of accounting and accounting education that works to create intersectional perspectives between art, science, technology and economics.

During their Frontyard residency they will be exploring the edges of professional accounting and business services through an interaction with art. Through the use of creative design principles and a focus on the theme of accountability they aim to explore the social constructivist nature of accounting, attempting to vision the future of accounting and the accountant.

Stephanie Cobon & Will Scott-Kemmis:
Getaroom B, 7 – 21 August 2016

Speculative architectures of our possible futures. Exploring the remote.
How have the structures of our past contributed to the deconstruction of our futures?
Where will we search for meaning in the absence of fate?
Convergence of language as indicator of final homogenisation of culture… and something about agency. Watch this space…

Julia Bavyka:
Getaroom B, 18 July – 7 August 2016

Julia Bavyka made her first fictional institution - the Mlаden Stilinović Study Centre. Mlаden Stilinović (1947-2016) was a croatian conceptual artist and passed away only a few days ago. He was interested in language and in its relation to ideology, in ideas of work coming from socialism and capitalism. He was systematically dealing in his artwork with “big subjects” like pain, death, poverty, work, food, and money. In 1993 he wrote PRAISE OF LAZINESS exploring his thoughts about the different understandings of laziness in relation to an artist in East and the West, and years before he made a series of photographs of himself lying in bed with the title Artist at Work.

The installation is in Getaroom B open to the public from Thurs. Jul 28 to Sun. August 7, so people can come in and explore it. There will be some documentation of his artwork, information about him, biography, some printed texts, maybe some cakes - all in an aesthetic which for him was typical: “cardboard design” - improvised, which suits the idea of a fictional institution.


Sophea Lerner:
Getaroom A, 11 - 24 July 2016

Whilst at frontyard Sophea is exploring the proposition that ‘Lunch
wants to be free’.


Patricia Wood:
Getaroom B, 4 - 17 July 2016

Whilst at Frontyard, Patricia will ponder the possible futures of a dance pirate radio station.
She will spend two weeks having cups of tea and hot toddys with various friends and interested strangers, researching options. These include developing a group performance with friends and having a series of conversations/rants/postulations/chats “on air” about dance and choreography.

Dani Zorbas:
Getaroom A, 29 June - 10 July 2016

Dani will be working on finishing her creative practice PhD featurish video project - an experiment in improvised play incredibly loosely adapted from a Dostoyevsky novella ~ : “ants in the legs is an absurdist alien pop image agency of decentered fiction science ‘healthy lifestyle choice’ scenarios, abstracting the mimetic image data economy”.

Nuno Rodrigues de Sousa & Isabel Brison:
Getaroom B, 19 June - 3 July 2016

Nuno and Isabel will enact a dialogue about the present. One of us is present (physically located in the space of the residency and visibly working on it) and the other is absent (elsewhere; working to earn money). At the moment of writing, we are together, exchanging considerations about personal compost, its degree of intimacy and its possible exchange value. A large piece of sandstone we uncovered in the garden yesterday will be photographed and re-buried. These are some of the entry points for a conversation of varying degrees of intimacy that we wish to uncover and share with Frontyard and its guests.

Getaroom A, 30 May - 16 June 2016

PolisPlan is a mobile consultancy of planning and engineering professionals that hopes to facilitate social change by encouraging and assisting communities around Australia in the development of their urban environment. We work with local government, community groups or private developers to implement emerging ideas such as online sharing economy platforms, (sometimes called collaborative consumption), community renewable energy schemes, circular economy principles, cohousing and Transition Town ideas.

Bek Conroy & James Brown:
Getaroom B, 6-10 June 2016

Bek and James will be recording and producing a podcast ‘Dating an Economist’.

Kirsten Seale:
Getaroom B, 23 May - 6 June 2016

Kirsten is developing a vocabulary and a set of practices that distinguishes making place, as multimodal emergence and correspondence, from placemaking, an instrument and industry that supports neo-liberal spatialisation in urban centres. https://marketsplacescities.wordpress.com/2016/05/26/decommissioning-and-recommissioning-first-day-at-frontyard/

Non-Cash Assets Platform Research:
Getaroom A, 16-30 May 2016

A needs based assessment of independent artists’ sharable non-cash assets in the City of Sydney LGA and resulting prototype of sharing platform.

Julian Day:
Getaroom A, 2-8 May 2016

Julian Day is a sound artist developing a new body of work exploring Jane Bennett’s concept of ‘vibrant matter’, the idea that the natural world around us has as much agency and direction as that of the human. Following his recent work ‘White Noise’ at NEW16 (ACCA, Melbourne) Julian is experimenting with silent yet violently vibrating sounds below human hearing and the impact these might have on various ‘inert’ membranes.

Jacquelene Drinkall:
Getaroom B, 9-23 May 2016

Jacquelene Drinkall will build on her research paper ‘Neuromodulations of Extro-Scientific Telepathy’ forthcoming in the book “Psychopathologies of Cognitive Capitalism, Part Three” (edited by Warren Neidich, Archive Books, Berlin), and address the question of how telepathy and speculation are relevant to art and cognitive capitalism in a new mini-manifesto.

She will also be researching and developing a cut-up, collaged and instructional ‘martial arts’ yoga poster designed to develop attentive mental/physical space and techniques of estrangement from capitalist algorithms, using yoga postures set in relation to datagraphics. Anyone can contribute suggestions to the poster and manifesto. Email: jacquelenedrinkall@gmail.com

Tom Lee (TheAustralianUgliness):
Getaroom A, 25 April - 9 May 2016

Aesthetic evaluation is an increasingly widespread part of life in wealthy post-industrial societies, from televised talent shows, to the rating systems of Airbnb and Tripadvisor. In his residency, Tom Lee of theaustralianugilness.wordpress blog and Instagram account will look at the relationship between the urban landscape and aesthetics in a networked culture, where the more interesting thing about taste isn’t the distinction between the beautiful and the ugly, but the uncertainty surrounding such judgements and the increasingly mixed, dynamic and radically subjective relationship people have with what gives them pleasure and purpose.
Insta @theaustralianugliness

Eddie Hopely & Sam Moginie:
Library, 18 April - 3 May 2016

Writers Eddie Hopely and Sam Moginie will spend two weeks in dialogue in and around the Frontyard library developing group performance and reading strategies, researching drama and pedagogy, documenting talks, and collecting video and audio data for future workshops.

OpenAustralia Foundation (OAF):
Getaroom A, 11 - 25 April 2016

OAF is opening an Office of Ideas @Frontyard - a public space for public data work and civic technology. Anyone can join them to hack, share ideas and skills, all while they prepare for the COMMUNITY HACKFEST on 23 April.

OAF’s vision is to transform democracy in Australia. They currently do this through half a dozen major web-based projects. These websites aim at finding better ways of making government, the public sector and political information freely and easily available for the benefit of all Australians. This transparency aims to encourage and inform people about how they can make a difference.

Mia Ardianto:
Getaroom B, 18 - 24 April 2016

Young local artist Mia will be spending a week of her school holidays making art at Frontyard. She will be starting a self-directed project to build a steampunk city using wire and papier maché.

Favour Economy (Claire Field, Alex Pedley, Bronwyn Treacy):
Getaroom B, 4-11 April 2016

FavourEconomy is an audio archive consisting of recordings shared by women who work in the arts. It operates as a platform where women can share their knowledge and experience as a favour. The collective will be working towards the public launch of their FY15/16 archive in June 2016.

Mapping Edges (Jacqueline Kasunic, Ilaria Vanni, Alexandra Crosby):
Getaroom A, 28 March - 9 April 2016

Mapping Edges is an interdisciplinary group researching the edges of culture, design and future making. During this residency we will be using the Frontyard garden as a astarting point to experiment with generating online content using permaculture principles.

Beth Caird & Aodhan Madden:
Getaroom A, 23-30 March 2016

Beth Caird & Aodhan Madden are artists and writers who often work collaboratively. During their residency at Frontyard Projects they will be reading, making new sound artwork together, and putting together an evening workshop of poetry leaflets and detailed instructions on commonly helpful rope and knot tying skills.

Sasha Abram:
Getaroom A, 2-16 March 2016

Sasha Abram, a design academic who is researching better ways to deliver services to remote Indigenous communities. She also has a fondness for the kitchen and waste reduction, and will be hosting a low-impact dinner as part of her residency.

Gilbert Grace:
Getaroom B, 2-16 March 2016

Gilbert Grace, founder of Artcycle, re-use gardener, artist and a pro-activist for The Sydney Green Ring. He is working on his own research, building some bamboo bikes, testing out a bike trailer lending program and building us some more garden beds.