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In November 2021 Frontyard is opening back up for events, residencies and questions. The Public Health Orders apply for any gatherings on site. Capacity limits apply 1p/4sqm (in effect til 1 Dec) and 1p/2sqm (in effect from 1 Dec). See floor plan below. Reach out if you have any queries. We look forward to slowly meeting each other again.

Frontyard is open for events and by appointment, plus last Sunday of each month 1-3pm for open house, or when listed by the librarians.

A Not-Only-Artist Run Initiative. A pro-active, flexible space for practical skills-sharing, community cultural engagement and critical research. Our aim is to challenge, facilitate and nurture collaborations between people with a passion for culture and to build a more resilient and sustainable independent arts community for the future.

Note: These are not set weekly hours. The times change every week as frontyard and its library are only open whenever librarians are available to sit the space or there is a public event booked into the calendar.
(If you have difficulty seeing the times above check the library calendar and/or the event calendar)

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November 2021 Donors @ Frontyard:

Frontyard is made possible by a variety of wild contributions. We are constantly searching for better ways to acknowledge all of them. We must admit though that we have failed so far and found it is not possible to account for all this labour in terms of $$$ or individual names. The following is, therefore, necessarily a poor representation of all those contributions, every single of which is, in whatever form, equally important to the survival of this creature.

($35) 100% renewably powered lights brought to you by Rory McElhone :-)
($35) 100% renewable computer power brought to you by ______
($20) Fresh food for residents brought to you by Rosa Press
($40) Garden abundance brought to you by Vanessa Berry
($60) A bit of public liability protection brought to you by Rosa Press
($70) Internets brought to you by Rosa Press
($15) Workshop supplies brought to you by Julie McElhone
($10) Cuppas brought to you by Vanessa Berry
($50) Rent brought to you by Vanessa Berry
($80) Risograph paper and ink brought to you by Clare Britton

If you want to make a donation the Frontyard banking details are:
BSB 032067 / account # 577740
and email us what you would like to “cover us” for. Please do not feel constrained by the shown amounts. Every donation, big or small, is welcome and keeps frontyard going.

A big thank you to all donors who gave **frontyard** BreathingSpace*

0510Updated 29/01/2018

*BreathingSpace: **frontyard** could survive x months without further income, based on current expenses (+ a 10% safety margin) and available funds (excl. our $2,000 special relocation reserve).


Frontyard is currently supported by a rental subsidy from Inner West Council (aka Marrickville Council).