A-Library is a prototype, an offline digital library that exists on a modem-like piece of hardware. When someone joins this WIFI network, rather than connecting to the internet, they are directed to the a-library catalogue where texts can be uploaded or downloaded freely by anyone.

In other words:
a-library is simply that a library. Or more specifically, it is an offline digital library; a localised wifi network that hosts a free and open collection of documents. a-library was developed as a way for us to easily share books and articles with each other, and in the process to collectively develop a local archive of all the publications that are meaningful to us. By us, I mean you and I. even if we have not personally met, we have shared this location, and these texts are now between us.

a-library is open source, if you want setup your own or contribute to the project - checkout the code of github. It has previously existed at the ANU Gallery in Canberra, Physics Room in New Zealand, and will exist temporarily at SUCCESS in Perth throughout September.

The current catalogue:

Visit frontyard to access these titles, (or add your own texts to the library).