Getaroom @ Frontyard

You have a provocation to explore. A project to begin. A local problem to solve. A team of pro-active people to assemble. We have the space and a network of people to connect you with.

Frontyard is a space for research, imagining, problem-solving, doing & not doing, meeting, talking, and making time. There are 2 short-term (1-2 weeks) residency spaces for artists and non-artists, and an open door policy for hosting people in our workshop, garden and library if your project needs a place to grow after your residency ends.

In return for the space and time to think, Frontyard asks for a small gift of time from each resident. That could mean participating as a provocateur in a futuring session, giving a public talk, sharing skills via a workshop, symposium, film night, performance, or something else you think is important for the community.

Practical Stuff:

In each #getaroom:

How do I #getaroom?
We have a ‘no application’ policy, so as long as you are happy to sign our MoU and we can find a time slot that suits, you’re in! We prefer to meet you face to face first, unless you are too far away to drop in. Come along to our monthly Open House (see our calendar to find the nexy Open House) or drop us an email to make time for a cuppa.

What we ask from you.

All current and past residents:

Ilaria Vanni, Benjamin Byrne, Australian Unemployed Workers’ Union (Inner West Sydney Branch), Gianni Wise, Jacquelene Drinkall, Tilly Glascodine & Amy Parker, Matthew Hopkins, Andrew Burrell, Sara Rosa, Leah Landau, Salazar Quas, Julia Dunne, Futuring Migration, Michelle Miller, Nick Lee, MONO FOMO project, Alice Williams, Kush Badhwar, Sumugan Sivanesan, Amelia Dale, Belle Boyde and Daniele Hromek and Ali, Chris Carmody, Jo Paterson Kinniburgh, a.j. carruthers, Nicholas McGuigan & Thomas Kern, Stephanie Cobon & Will Scott-Kemmis, the Mlаden Stilinović Study Centre, Sophea Lerner, Trish Wood, Dani Zorbas, Suburban Bird Spotters, Dating an economist radio series production, POLISPLAN, Kirsten Seale, Non-Cash Assets Platform, Psychpathologies of Cognitive Capitalism, Julian Day, the Marrickville ugliness, Performing/Translating Bureaucracy, Mia Ardianto, Open Australia Hacktivists, Favour Economy, Mapping edges, Beth Caird and Aodhan Madden, ArtCycle, Sasha Abrams, Swerve & Sierra & kids - caravan project, Laura Lotti, Making Time, …

For more in depth stories from previous residents see our Flickr.